Friday, February 25, 2011


A huuuuuge (huge!) portion of my work on is digital. I have a Wacom Intuos4 and it's literally the most useful thing I own - after first using a tablet, I'm not sure how I ever lived without one. Sooo, here's some recent stuff I've completed.

some quick character sketches (requests!)

and.. a pixel'd skull. A preview for a larger project I'm working on (say whaaaat!?)! Before I got my tablet, the majority of my digital work was pixel art. Working on this had me feeling all nostalgic!
Along with this digital work, I've been doing a lot of drawing for an upcoming game project for school - Flint & Burt. Expect a post on that soon! I'll update when I'm not feeling like a bag of germs (damn you, flu!)

also, since my last update this blog has 100% more LINKS! Check out the links I've added to your right - I'm lucky to know some pretty talented people.

♪ ♫ metric - hustle rose


  1. Wow, the skull looks great! (well, it ALL does, but... pixel work!! :D) and it's all smiley! :D

  2. Thanks B!!! c:
    I thought of you when I worked on the skull, actually hahah I started googling old dolling sites and stuff, trying to see what I could remember haha