Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I finished a class assignment in which we had to create a piece that had certain buzz words from a presentation we gave on artists we could compare our work to (Jamie Hewlett, Ashley Wood, Junko Mizuno and Amanda Visell were the ones I chose! ...in case you were wondering. :V I admire their work a whole lot)
So.. I had to create something with a social message that was relevant to the times. It had to be cute, stylish, and grotesque with an incredibly wide variety of media used and lots of texture. It also had to have a 'punk art' style. I struggled with these words and finding an idea I was happy with. I had an awful block - in the end, I said:
"Fuck it, I'm drawing what I want."
^ that's pretty punk, right?

So, here's 'Unflattering Portraits of Friends':

The tri-folding ones are 8x10, the round ones are a little larger.

I'm really not sure why I enjoy drawing people (friends, no less!) looking all beat-up/bloody. Working on these few drawings, I came up with an EPIC PROCESS of using mylar/stonehenge with graphite+ink+chalk pastel+water colours - so much fun. I hope to work like this again!
.. also putting my stuff in a frame is a new thing. I picked those up at a thrift store and I think they add a lot to the work! I need to find more of those round ones, especially. Sweeeeeet find!
Thanks to my friends who let me draw them this way, I hope you like them!

In the same drawing class, we're working on a group drawing. The class was split into two, and right now I'm working with the group on a piece about 'Hope'. I thought it'd be cool to see how the drawing changes as people from the class add their input to it.

^ I DREW A MACY. awwwwbaby.

♪ ♫ modest mouse - bukowski


  1. KARLEE! These are totally bad ass, I love them! I wish I lived in Niagra Falls with you to get bad ass pictures drawn of me D:

  2. Karlee I think that you should always draw beat up people, you do it so damn well!!

    Seriously, I want to buy prints of all of these and put them into frames and hang them on my wall, that's how awesome I think they are!!

    Honestly I think the this portrait series is some of the best work I've seen you do. Really really cool.

    Though it's funny, I kept saying on dA I though they had a Hewlett vibe, then reading your blog I discovered that I wasn't just being silly.


  3. omg the Macy! awwww

    That's really cool with the birds and the music notes.